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Foundation Program for Senior


Getting into an IIT/Medical College might seem like an unrequited dream for many students. SMART Foundation Program aimed at providing the best coaching at earlier classes itself for IIT JEE and other higher education technical entrance examination aspirants is exclusively designed to motivate and help them reach the pinnacle of their success.

The course focuses on development of deep understanding of Basic Sciences and Mathematics at a higher level by preparing the students for various competitive exams like NTSE/KVPY/OLYMPIADS etc.

Course Highlights

The Foundation senior program comprises of:

  • Concept Classes
  • Tests & Discussion
  • Unit Tests
  • Full Length Tests

A strong understanding of the Concepts is accomplished by the top notch faculty in Core subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the Concept Classes. Concept Clarity is the most widely tested area in IIT JEE, NEET like exams. The Concept imparting is succeeded by Problem Solving that helps the students to grasp concepts real quick.

Tests & Discussion

After the completion of every unit, a unit test of 30 minutes is conducted. It is followed by the discussion of Question Paper that helps in clarifying the doubts of students then and there.

This methodology will prevent the mistake of procrastination committed by students that leads to accumulation of bigger confusions and doubts in the process of learning. This type coaching in cities like Chennai with the training centres located in the heart of the city even more felicitates the learning of students. This is one-of-a-kind coaching in cities across Tamil Nadu that impregnates tough concepts using out-of-the box teaching strategies. This breaking and assimilation framework of learning eventually guides the students to know the nook and corner of every topic.

The full length test conducted for duration of 2 hours 30 minutes makes the student gain a deeper analysis of his levels of understanding of the subjects.

For Whom?

Students of Clasess 9 and 10.

Duration of the Programme: 2 years