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 NEET 2019

Foundation Program Junior


FACT#1: It’s no secret that a strong foundation is the key to academic success.

FACT #2: Educators all across are doing their best to ensure good fundamentals.

FACT #3: Time is a constraint in schools given the regular academic curriculum and more.

FACT #4: Students often complain that learning Maths and Science is boring! Without proper intervention, this initial mindset results in a long drawn aversion to the subjects.

Now, what can we do to successfully strengthen the knowledge base of our students?

Ever up to a good challenge, the SMART team researched day and night, picking the best brains in the industry, poring over numerous books, developing, testing and fine-tuning, to produce the SMART FOUNDATION PROGRAMMES - JUNIOR & SENIOR levels - which are solid yet simplified learning solutions designed to give students a firm foundation and take them on a power-packed knowledge trip!

The immediate objective of the Foundation Programme is to see students through the nitty-gritty of all aspects of Maths, Physics and Chemistry, thereby enhancing their grasp on these subjects and improving academic performance. For the first time in India, SMART has included a unique module on “Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking” as part of the programme. Research in fact shows that strong logical and critical thinking skills are the precursor to good Maths and Science skills…so that’s really handling the root of the problem!

And it doesn’t stop here… During the course of the programme, students are also steadily oriented towards competitive exams and what it takes to ace them!

This multi-colour course book is the first in a comprehensive series used during the programme. Some of the highlights include:

  • Easy-to-assimilate concepts with relevant illustrations
  • Abundant solved examples
  • QWERLs (Questions Which Enhance & Reinforce Learning)
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) based approach to develop a flair for problem solving
  • Extensive class assignments and home assignments
  • Unit-wise and modular tests

But it’s not just about the courseware. Each classroom session has been crafted to trigger students’ thinking and expedite learning so that no opportunity is ever beyond the reach of our young minds…

For Whom?

Students of Clasess 7 and 8.

Duration of the Programme: 2 years