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Summer Crash  Program for NEET 2018

English Language Development


A stronger language base has to be built for better Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills. The Program is specially designed to encourage students to handle English with ease.

The 80 hour SMART language Development Program is an innovative and exciting way to improve English Language Skills.

Programme Features:

  • Activity-led learning
  • Limited class size providing plenty of scope for practice
  • Guided expert intervention
  • Special focus on eliminating common usage errors
  • Tools for continuous Learning beyond Classroom

Program Highlights:

Highly interactive sessions filled with a variety of mind-stimulating activities which act as a tool for enhancing Communication Skills The program imparts the fundamentals of English as a language and facilitates an improved Academic performance

For Whom?

Students who have had little exposure to English as a medium of communication and to those who wish to improve all four dimensions of their English Skills - Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

Duration: 80 Hours

Batches: Weekdays / Weekend