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SMART Training Resources began its journey in the year 2003 and has grown from being the pioneers to the leaders of placement training nationwide. During this period SMART has touched the lives of about a million students in over 650+ colleges across India. Today, SMART is a well-recognised brand among students and training/placement offices of a variety of higher education institutions. SMART is a name to reckon with in the business of placement-oriented training.

SMART values human resources as the most valuable asset. The excellent work environment coupled with the appropriate guidance and motivation that we offer to our employees makes us a much sought after organization Our commitment to attracting, training and retaining the brightest and the most mercurial has paid us dividends in the long run.

Our HR practices primarily swing towards identifying and moulding human talent to harness it for team work. We normally recruit people with an enduring passion for results and reward them generously when they fulfill our expectations. Honing and nurturing leaders across various verticals is our by word.

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